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  Sponsorship Information
No one expects the world to change overnight ...
but little by little, together we can make a difference!

A little miracle occurs every time someone smiles holding a puppy who has made it through a life-threatening bout with parvo ... or a child romps and plays with a dog who has suffered shattered bones at the hands of another … or as a housebound senior cuddles a pet on her lap which has been burned with cigarettes and lighters.   Your sponsorship of an animal helps us  to treat and rehabilitate them, and can bring about a little miracle that could change the life not only of the pet, but the person who adopts it!








Please click on the link on the left "Animals Needing Sponsorship" or here to see the animals currently in need of your sponsorship for their medical care, or access the link from any of our pet's webpage




We also realize not everyone can give a large monetary gift to fully sponsor a dog or cat, but even small donations add up! 






Not all animals coming to us need extensive veterinary care...but they all need food and routine medical care  -- spay/neuter, tests for diseases such as heartworms and erlichia, and vaccinations --   and a  microchip implated before beginning their search for a life-long home.   Many times, these pets are with us for months (or even a year!) before the right home is located, and they need to be fed!  


By giving a Gift of Love and Hope , you are linked with others to sponsor a pet until it is adopted,

because together we CAN make a difference.

$   5 Provides a bowl of food for a week or a rabies shot
$10 Furnishes a full set of vaccinations 
$25 Pays for medical testing (heartworms, etc.) or medicine for a sick animal 
$50 Helps spay or neuter an animal to ensure it never adds to the pet overpopulation
$75 Covers the cost of a day of hospitalization for a sick or injured pup

What do you get in return?  The knowledge you helped save a furry friend’s life and the eternal gratefulness of both the animal and it's new human.


Please consider making a donation today to help sponsor a pet in need


You can make a donation directly from their webpage or mail a check to:

From The Heart Rescue

PO Box 56

Canutillo, Texas 79835

Please note on your check the animal you are wanting your donation to go towards so we can make sure it goes to that pet!



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