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  From The Heart Rescue

Dottie w/ heartHow You Can Help!

 As Mark Twain once said, "If you pick up a starving animal and make him prosperous, he will not bite you.” 

Every day, our animals — those once abandoned, left to die on the streets, abused, neglected, sick or injured — learn the lessons of kindness and care.  Our volunteers work diligently to make sure each one is given the respect and love it so richly deserves.

These second-hand dogs and cats are so grateful for the chance they have been given, they wish to repay that kindness with their love — given freely and unconditionally to their new family.      

It does not come cheaply to us — either to our hearts or our pocketbooks (Check out Saving Dobby , Stiletto's Story  and Miracle's Page).  Each animal tugs at our heartstrings each minute of every day, as we nurse the scared, shy, injured or sick animals, working toward the day they will be wonderful, healthy creatures. Every animal placed is given the veterinary care, surgery and/or medications needed to make them whole, then  spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before it is ready for adoption.

We are asking for your help. What act of kindness can you perform? Can you ... 

While monetary donations are always appreciated,  there are many ways 
you can help besides donating which don't cost you a dime extra!       
  • Do you do a lot of on-line shopping?   
    • Buying through iGive's on-line shopping malls provides us with much needed funds -- and you don't pay a penny more (and often get a discount!).  Heck, we get $5 just for you signing up and making one purchase!  Start shopping today by clicking on the "Go Shopping" link.
    • Amazon Smile also will donate a portion of all your purchases to us!  Just designate From the Heart Rescue as your charity.
  • Looking for that special gift or treat for you or your dog?  Check out our From the Heart Rescue eBay store for jewelry, collar tags, dog clothes, health aids and even human clothes and accessories.  
  • Go for a walk!  That's right, take yourself for a walk or run -- with or without your dog -- and with ResQWalk on your iPhone or Android phone and with From the Heart designated as your charity, we get a few cents for every mile you walk!  While that might not seem like a lot, a lot of people walking adds up to a lot of miles and a lot of change!
  • Give of your time!  We are always in need of volunteers for our adoption center, fundraising efforts, returning phone calls, stuffing envelopes, running dogs to the vet's, managing donation boxes, writing thank you letters ... all sorts of things.  If you have an hour or two a week, become a volunteer
  • Do you have a little room in your heart and home to foster a dog?  We can only take in dogs for whom we have room in a foster home, so we are always desperately in need of foster homes.  From the Heart Rescue takes care of all medications, food, equipment (crates, bowls, etc) while the dog is in your care.  The only expense to you is time and love ... become a foster parent today!  

No Act of Kindess, No Matter How Small, Is Ever Wasted -- Aesop
paw in hand

Do some small thing today, and you will assuredly create great blessings in your life, the life of an animal, and the lives in the new home which will be enriched with the animal's love



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