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On July 5, 2008, From The Heart got a call that a 3-4 month old puppy had been hit by a drunk driver in a Ford F-150, dragged and lay injured on the side of the road.  No one else could or would respond, so a volunteer rushed to see what could be done.

The pup was found responsive, but severely injured.  Rushed to the Animal Emergency Center, the veterinarians felt his life could be saved.  After all, any puppy who could survive an "F-150 attack," deserved every second chance they could get. They stabilized the pup, for transfer to a specialist, since he had seven (yes 7!) fractures of the leg, hip and ribs and a total degloving wound of the right leg. 
McClain injuries
Dr. Jim Koschmann at Crossroads Animal Hospital, thought he could help repair the injuries, if only the pup could make it through the 4 hours of surgery! Well, the pup came through with flying colors! But two days later he developed parvo and had to be re-hospitalized for 3 days.  At this point, the pup was named "McClain" after Bruce Willis' character in the Die Hard movies.  It appeared this pup had a will to live and would not die.

The expenses were overwhelming, but an army of angels around the country stepped forward and helped pay for his expenses.  But for these caring souls, From The Heart would not have been able to care for McClain without turning many other animals away .McClain in the grass

Over the course of a month, McClain happily endured bandage changes, vet visits and rehabilitation.  He played with the other dogs, loved laying in the sun in soft grass, stealing his foster mom's slippers, and even got to experience the beach.  However, one month to the day after he came into all our lives, McClain succumbed to distemper -- he apparently had not been vaccinated prior to his arrival in rescue and the disease had been incubating during his stay with us.  We were devastated.... 

McClain taught us all so much about facing adversity and cherishing life by living each day with joy, that in his honor and with the encouragement of McClain's Army of Angels, we started the "McClain's Emergency Fund" which is designed to help rescue animals in critical need of immediate emergency veterinary care, so we never have to say "no" due to lack of funding.  Funds donated to McClain's Emergency Fund are used only for such emergency purposes, never routine treatments or care.

See some of the receipients of the McClain's Emergency Fund here

If you are interested in becoming one of McClain's Army of Angels, please

click here to access Pay Pal 

Alternatively, you can send a check to:  From The Heart Rescue, PO Box 56, Canutillo, Texas 79835 -- if possible, please include an email address so that we can send fund updates to you!


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