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  Why we say "Caring for those no one else will ..."

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There are many rescues and shelters which take readily adoptable pets; but so many times, animals are rejected because they may need extra care before they become adoptable, or they are disabled, or they are seniors.   That’s where From The Heart comes in …

From the Heart Rescue is dedicated to caring for the hurt and frightened victims of accident, disease, cruelty and neglect, by providing life-saving surgeries, medications and special care that other organizations are not able or willing to give.  We are one of the only organizations unconditionally accepting stray seniors, seriously injured, ill or disabled pets (space and funds permitting).  In fact, over 80% of the dogs entering our rescue are medically-challenged, disabled or senior -- all of which are considered by others to be "unadoptable."

With unbounded love and intense dedication to those unwanted by others, From the Heart volunteers work hard to give chances to dogs which other rescues and humane societies do not.  And, because we are an all-volunteer agency, every dime of every donation is used for the care and treatment of the animals in our care, never salaries or overhead.

While we generally focus on dogs, no matter the breed or species, each is given individual attention in a loving foster home while recovering physically or emotionally from their previous lives.  While we may not place hundreds or thousands of animals a year, each one of the animals with which From The Heart works is ensured of a loving, thoroughly screened forever home, where they will get the second chance they deserve.

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People often ask why we work so hard to save so few ...

the broken legs, the parvo pups, the neglected and abused? 

Our answer -- if not us, then who?

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