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Housebreaking Tips

Housebreaking Your Puppy -- Tips for housebreaking that new puppy, but also good information for any new dog in your life!

Crate Training FAQ -- Frequently asked questions about crate training ... and no it is not cruel to put your dog in a crate if done correctly.  In fact, most dogs love it as a safe, secure place they can go.

Potty Training 101 -- We would have called it "Housebreaking for Dummies," but that title was taken!  Tips for crate training, paper/potty pad training, and other ways to make sure you have a 100% reliable dog.


Help! Now What Do I Do? -- Tips for overcoming common behavioral problems seen in shelter and rescue dogs ... and even some that have been in your home a while!

Introducing a New Pet -- Tips for introducing a new dog or cat to the resident dog or cat to avoid stress, territorial and other issues

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